Post Procedure Instructions


To reduce swelling place ice bag on your face up to 12 hours following surgery. This is an important factor in keeping swelling to a minimum. Swelling is common and need not cause alarm.


DO NOT RINSE for the first 12 hours after surgery. After 24 hours it is important to rinse, using warm salt water (not mouthwash) 3 to 4 times a day, particularly after eating. Brush areas of mouth not affected by the surgery.


DO NOT SPIT OUT- frequent spitting will cause bleeding to continue.

Exercise Jaw

In some cases following oral surgery it becomes difficult to open your mouth. Exercise your jaw frequently by attempting to open your mouth wide. You may experience discomfort at first, however, with continued exercise the discomfort is reduced.


After having oral surgery it is recommended the patient maintain a semi-liquid diet for 24 hours. A regular diet should be resumed as soon as possible avoiding peanuts, pretzels, and foods with seeds.


Occasionally patients will have nausea after surgery. Tea, ginger ale and soup broth will help this complication.


A prescription for pain relieving drugs is given when surgery is extensive. For lesser surgical procedures it is recommended the patient use Tylenol, Motrin, or Advil. If you are in pain and the drug you are taking does not help please contact us and we will try to remedy the situation.


Bite on gauze for 30 minutes. If the bleeding continues, bite on new gauze for an additional 30 minutes. If bleeding continues, place a damp tea bag over the socket and continue to bite down for additional 30 minutes. Frequent gauze changes allow bleeding to continue.


It is important you DO NOT SMOKE after surgery. Smoking causes a dry socket, which is very painful.


After 4:30pm call (215) 707-4545 and ask for the Oral Surgery resident on call or go to the EMERGENCY ROOM at Temple University Hospital and Ask for the Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon on duty. DO NOT WAIT until your post-operative appointment to consult us.